10 principles of economics (First post!!)

Welcome one and all! The bathhouse is a group edited blog covering any and all of things that take our fancy.

I’ll be expecting hilarious and engaging posts from all of you. Especially Will and Katy using their wordpress iphone app.

I’ll start by expressing my interest in Yoram Bauman (http://www.standupeconomist.com/)

He’s just written a book called the “The Cartoon Introduction to Economics: Volume 1, Microeconomics”

And was responsible for the 10 principles of economics you tube video.

Anyway it’s not much but it’s a start. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.


One thought on “10 principles of economics (First post!!)

  1. I think I enjoyed the wild yelping and exaggerated laughter of the crowd as much as the bloke himself. My only suspicion, and it’s hardly fair considering it’s a five-minute comedy, is that it draws from the state v market (as left v right) idea. Same as the ‘big government’ v ‘small government’ rhetoric at the moment. It’s all misleading – markets are nothing more than the institutions that make them. But, I’ll try and find a proper link or write something myself on that.

    (tee hee, look at thebathhouse go!)

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