Data rock

Ever wondered what the number of Deaths among children under five years of age due to HIV/AIDS (%) in belize? Of course you have.

That’s just one reason why you might be interested in the Guardian’s Datastore ( The guardian decided that since they would go to great lengths to check facts to support a story (sometimes), they should then publish the data they found for everyone to use.

Obviously, the store isn’t and exhaustive list of everything useful you may ever need but is a useful resource for making yourself appear like you’ve really thought about something when really you’ve hardly even considered it. Should I wan’t to impress my friends, I could pepper a discussion on whether council tax is a good system or fundamentally unfair with stats. For instance, where I live (Bourough of Camden) spends just 12% of council tax revenues on waste disposal, but Newcastle Under Lyme residents spend 53% of their hard earned council tax on waste.



One thought on “Data rock

  1. That is top notch bathhousing and means posts from now on will no doubt be littered with an impressive array of facts, irrespective of their appropriateness.

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