Haiti and disaster capitalism

Some scattered thoughts on Haiti. I do get rather watery-eyed about how people, when they have suffering thrust under their eyes at times like these, seem to take a genuine interest.

From that point it becomes a useful moment for varying interest groups to push their agendas and help define the humanitarian response.

Credit card companies, for instance, take a commission on every donation made through them, so they can happily back calls for donations. However, in response campaigning groups in the UK during the Tsunami widely criticised them and they ended up waiving fees on donations. Once again it seems that has happened, with Visa, Mastercard and Amex announcing they won’t take a cut for Haiti donations. Perhaps that should be pushed for all charitable donations.

There is also the ugly spectacle of the IMF and World Bank jumping in to reorganise the economy along right-wing lines, which New Statesman has a short blog about, but there are also progressive campaigns to get the debt dropped and prevent Reagonomics from taking root.

Click on the above link to sign the drop the debt campaign and if anyone finds a public forum to voice opposition about credit card fees, please post it on these pages.


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