Julie bindle wrote an article in the Guardian about called “Why men pay use prostitutes” this was based on a study involving a hundred or so interviews that can be seen here:

I have to say for may part I didn’t really like the article. It seemed to be picking out inflamatory comments and presenting them insolation to generate a shock effect.
As an interesting source to provide context to this is another study from Steven Levitt & co.
I don’t much like Levitt either, he always seems to have the tone of someone smirking about what a wacky idea his study is and how much it’ll annoy his stuffy contemporaries. His study does provide a useful context in terms of of data for considering some of your conjecture against.

I’m sure there are many interesting questions here but one I picked out was “are pimps exploiting women or protecting them?” Bindle doesn’t specifically cover this but the indication is that men involved in the trade are exploitative. Levitt seems to find that pimps have a positive influence.

Anyway, I’ll post a bit more on this when I have time. In the meantime comments welcome and we might all learn something.


One thought on “Prostitution

  1. hmmmmmmm…

    Interesting. Bindle notes that many of the men feel bad and guilty about using prostitutes, but continue to use them nonetheless as if this makes little sense. This may well be the attraction for such men.

    What is clear, is that a myriad of individual reasons exist for the use of prostitutes. However, it appears likely to me that a similar exercise of dissociation must be undergone by those men who use them – except maybe in the cases where they are so dissociated from females, they actively use prostitutes to experience the mimicry of association.

    In the century of the self, I was not surprised to find that the only real way of making men think twice about the use of protitutes was to encounter the threat of personal punishment. Thoughts of the circumstances of the prostitutes they use seemed to have little impact. Again maybe this should not surprise me, since sex is tereated as a commodity and most people give little thought to the social circumstances surrounding the production chains of the commodities they buy.

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