Some links

I know this is very lazy of me, but rather than anything clever I thought I’d just post a couple of links to interesting blogs of the last couple of days. The last 2 refer to Osborne’s announcement today that he’s going to axe the Future Jobs Fund and Child Trust Funds – a rather chilling prelude to what’s coming up.

1) Peter Kenway in the Guardian shows that contrary to the popular myth, work is not the route out of poverty

2) A couple of fairly harsh criticisms of the loss of the Future Jobs Fund – both make excellent points.

3) A similarly harsh criticism of the decision to axe child trust funds. Interestingly, all the Community Development workers I asked about this today said they didn’t really know much about it and weren’t that interested. I wonder if it’s a very sad case of an excellent idea that has ultimately failed because no-one promoted it enough. Kate Green used to be head of Child Poverty Action Group and is very well respected indeed.


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